Today, corporations and organizations are quickly adapting to a new normal, which includes conducting business and outreach in a new way. Due to disruption surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, making adjustments is needed to get through this difficult period.

It is also important, in this time of uncertainty, for corporations and organizations to work together to continue to do their part in supporting our communities. That’s why Herbalife Nutrition is proud to support the Partnership for Healthier America (PHA) and for the third year its upcoming annual summit – which will be held virtually for the first time – to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by working to end the childhood obesity crisis and making a difference for communities in need.

Planning for a Healthier Future

According to the CDC, the U.S. continues to face an enormous challenge with one in three children and adolescents overweight or obese. Rising rates of obesity in children and young adults are causing increases in diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. This health crisis undermines academic performance, workplace productivity, and a diminished quality of life.

PHA works to help all children – especially those disproportionately affected – to live healthier lives, growing up to be adults free from chronic conditions related to unhealthy weight. To shift our nation’s food landscape in pursuit of health equity, PHA’s work includes the following:

PHA works with organizations across the supply chain – food producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers – to improve the nutritional profile of food and beverages – resulting in more and healthier options for all.

PHA works with institutions and corporations to improve food choices and increase physical activity in environments where children and young adults spend time outside the home.

PHA develops and employs its convening power, diverse network, and thought leadership to spotlight the top programs and practices with the greatest potential impact.

Creating Lasting and Sustainable Change

To address an issue critical to the future of this country’s health and well-being, and to celebrate a decade of the organization’s impact, PHA will hold its annual summit virtually. Public, private, and government leaders will come together to discuss challenges and solutions to ensure children have the resources available to them to lead healthier lives.

The event will include a variety of speakers from the health and nutrition space all focused on creating solutions to ensure every child grows up at a healthy weight. Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States and Honorary Chair, Partnership for a Healthier America, will give opening remarks.

Notable PHA Summit panel sessions include:

Research has shown that introducing babies and young children to vegetables helps to train early taste buds to accept this important food group as they transition to table foods. As a result, more veggie-forward options are being offered today. Will this continue to be the trend?

From new product innovations to online ordering to AI, the food retail environment is constantly evolving. Retailers today have an opportunity to leverage these changes to drive access to and demand for healthier options.

It is deeply meaningful to work with partners like PHA, who believe in our mission to inform, educate, and connect with communities directly. As a leader in global nutrition, we know that our efforts in supporting communities are amplified when we unite with organizations who share our vision.

Tod Gimbel Herbalife Nutrition

Tod GimbelSr. Vice President, Global Government Affairs

Tod Gimbel is the senior vice president of Global Government Affairs at Herbalife Nutrition. Tod oversees government affairs activities across the over 90 markets where Herbalife Nutrition operates around the world. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the government affairs function. He is an ambassador and key advocate helping to shape the public narrative and tell the Herbalife Nutrition story while enhancing the company’s reputation and brand.