Looking back on the first triathlon I completed with my son, David, back in 2014, I realize that wonderful experience of bonding through fitness was possible because David and I work for a company that walks the walk when it comes to employees’ health and wellbeing.

Herbalife Nutrition promotes a healthy, active lifestyle: not only for customers and independent distributors but also for employees. In 2013, one year after joining the company, David signed up for the Herbalife24 Triathlon. He was so happy and fulfilled that I joined him the following year.

Anna Rocha

At work, we are encouraged to make regular exercise a part of our lives and are given the tools to do so: fitness facilities, healthy nutrition options, and corporate sports events. This has inspired many employees, from various fitness levels and goals, to engage in different athletic activities.

Here are some of their stories:

Frank Lamberti, Regional President, The Americas

On my first tri experience, I was on a relay team as the cyclist. The feeling of accomplishment was so great, I wanted to try harder and do more. I went on to complete my first full tri (sprint version) in 2013. I didn’t expect the swim to be so difficult, but completing the three stages was incredibly rewarding.

Frank Lamberti

Since joining Herbalife Nutrition, almost 15 years ago, I’ve become much more consistent with working out in general. Being a part of a corporate culture that encourages fitness makes all the difference. Access to a great gym, friendly and knowledgeable trainers, and a supportive community of co-workers makes it fun, and that is crucial to stay on track.

This year, I’m doing the 5K race at the Herbalife24 Los Angeles Triathlon. It is important for me to be involved in our company events, and it’s also a time to have fun with employees and distributors.

Anna Garcia, Sr. Manager, Media Relations

As the media relations person for the North America region, I am responsible for following our sponsored athletes when they compete in high-profile events. For the last three years, I’ve followed Heather Jackson and watching her compete created a sense of excitement in me.

Three years ago, Herbalife Nutrition was sponsoring a Nautica Triathlon, and I decided to compete as part of a relay team. I completed the swim and knew if I could do that, I could work on my bike and running skills. At the end of the race, I was proud and was hooked.

Anna Garcia

This feeling pushed me and I started training and looking for the next challenge. I had my sights set on completing my first Ironman 70.3, which I did in December 2018. Crossing the finish line was a very emotional moment for me because I could hear my husband and parents cheering and me on as I crossed the finish line.

Working at Herbalife Nutrition has inspired me to train and continue living a healthier lifestyle.

This year, I registered to complete the International Distance race at the Herbalife24 Los Angeles Triathlon, which consists of swimming 0.9 miles, a 25-mile bike ride, and a 6.2-mile run. I intend to use this experience as a stepping stone for preparing to do a full IRONMAN in 2020.

Zache Davis, Specialist, Digital Marketing

I’ve raced competitively in the past (cycling and running), but never with swimming. Swimming is something that has always challenged me. On my first day at Herbalife Nutrition in January 2019, my colleague Annalisa asked me about joining her Tri team. I told her that sure, I would try swimming if they needed someone. So now I’m here, about to do the Olympic Swim as part of the Herbalife24 Triathlon in Los Angeles.

Zache Davis

Herbalife Nutrition’s corporate culture has been a very positive influence on me. Having nutritious food options and fitness centers makes a huge difference. I love that I can have a shake for breakfast, and later go work out in the gym.

Though it’s my first-time swimming in a competition, I know that once I get in the water I’ll be fine and do my best. I joined a master’s swim team and now swim two to four times a week. I want to keep swimming post-Tri and eventually learn other strokes and how to flip turn!

How to join the Herbalife24 Triathlon

You can join the Los Angeles Herbalife24 Triathlon, too! It is an event crafted for both professionals and newcomers. Participate individually or do so as part of a relay. *

Furthermore, by signing up you can support a good cause. This year, the Union Rescue Mission (URM) – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1891 – is the official charity partner of the triathlon. A percentage of your registration fee will support the URM’s efforts to help people experiencing homelessness by providing food and shelter, as well as education, medical, dental, counseling, and long-term recovery programs.

To join the excitement, competition, and fun of a major triathlon click here.

* Before embarking on any physical activity, please consult your physician.