I’m a strong believer that people should never settle if they’re unhappy with their lives. And even though I have always been interested in self-improvement and becoming the best version of myself, I also recognize that it’s sometimes easier said than done.  It was just a couple of years ago that I found myself in a place where I needed positive change, so I was a woman of my word and attended a personal development course.

Wanting a Better Version of Myself

I was happy and relieved to meet like-minded people in my class who shared the same goals for self-awareness and improvement.  We all had different goals but were united in our same common purpose.  That’s where I met Blaine Strong, who unbeknownst to me at the time, would one day make a great impact in my life and well-being.

Blaine and I immediately hit it off and became friends. We followed each other on social media and kept in touch.  He was constantly posting about fitness and nutrition programs and I was curious about it, wondering if I could lead the kind of healthy lifestyle he had. I sent him a message asking about it and learned he was an Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor.

He invited me to his nutrition club and offered to do a wellness evaluation.

Turning an Unrealistic Weight Loss Goal Into Something Achievable

Blaine asked me a lot of questions to build my wellness profile. He inquired about my weight loss goals, daily diet, exercise patterns, and current fitness level. I was feeling self-conscious about my answers—I knew I should be eating healthier and was not into fitness at all.  But Blaine put me at ease, and so when he asked about my goal, I wasn’t shy and shared my personal weight loss goal—needless to say I was ambitious.

Connie making high protein iced coffee

I remember Blaine explaining to me how it would make more sense to break that big goal into smaller ones and put them into a timeline that was actually achievable. He didn’t want me to get discouraged by setting an unrealistic goal in a short timeframe.  This realization was a very important step in my journey—I knew that I would face this challenge little by little, and with the support and encouragement of my coach.

Believing in Myself and What I Can Achieve

Once I started the nutrition and fitness program, I committed 110%. I did three weight loss challenges back-to-back and was so motivated by my own success, that I was committed to achieve more!

I got into yoga and HIIT exercises at fit camps. Thanks to regular physical activity combined with my personalized nutrition program, I hit my goal.

I felt confident, happy and had a great sense of accomplishment. People started approaching me to ask about my weight loss journey, but funny enough, even with my renewed confidence, I didn’t understand why people were coming to me.

Blaine laid it out as clear as day: “People are inspired by your results,” he told me. “If you could change one person’s life and give him or her the same feeling you’ve experienced, wouldn’t that be worth it?”

I needed to change my mindset. I knew the answer was a resounding yes.  So I decided to become an Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor and start helping people through my own part-time business.

Connie and Tara exercising

Becoming a Coach and Helping Others Achieve Results

My approach to coaching others is all about being supportive and encouraging – especially because those who approached me at first were people I really cared about: family members, friends, coworkers.

My friend Tara was one of the first people I coached. We have been super close for five years, and we shared the struggle to lose weight. Tara saw how my life changed, and I wanted the same for her. Better yet, she wanted that for herself too. We started her program much the way I had I started mine with Blaine. We went through the wellness evaluation and I created a personalized nutrition and fitness plan just for her. She’s achieving her results and is the most confident I’ve seen her since we met.  It’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of her journey.

The Rewards of Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I’m able to manage my independent, part-time business around my schedule. Plus, I get to help people become the best version of themselves and to build relationships based on love, encouragement, and trust with the community.

I’ve learned it’s all about small wins. Most weight loss or wellness or fitness journeys are just that—a journey.  It takes time, effort and dedication, and it’s ok to make mistakes. I make it my purpose to not to let my customers get discouraged by setbacks. Accomplishing small goals helps them keep on track and gets them closer to achieving their big goal. Consistency across time equals results.

This year, I would like to help 100 people transform their lives through good nutrition and regular exercise. That is my New Year’s resolution for my business. I am excited and confident about the successful journeys that lie ahead.

*People who use Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1, twice a day as part of a healthy lifestyle, can generally expect to lose around half a pound to 1 pound per week.