Our independent distributors never cease to amaze us. Whether it’s through innovative ways to further develop their business or through their commitment to care for and motivate their clients, they continue to inspire us every day.

This year, I would like to seize the opportunity of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S. to share the profiles of some of our extraordinary Latina distributors, each with a unique story of how they got into the business and how they are impacting their communities.

“Growing up, being close to my family and having their support was essential for thriving. When I worked as a preschool teacher, I saw first-hand how often children were alone much of the day because of their parent’s demanding office jobs. I didn’t want that. The business I have built allows me to settle schedules and priorities around what matters most to me: family. I am able to drop off my four kids at school in the morning, accompany them on field trips, and help them with their homework. My Herbalife Nutrition business has allowed me to be a present parent.”

– Nancy C., Herbalife Nutrition distributor in Illinois

“I first joined Karla’s fitness and nutrition club as a customer. Being able to help somebody with weight management, gain muscle, or overall feel better with themselves and being confident – I knew this is what I was meant to do. This allowed me to supplement my husband’s income while still working the business from home part-time. I do the business from anywhere where I’m at: I do it from the field, from my husband’s grandma’s house while I’m taking care of her, or simply from my living room. The extra income* has helped my husband cut back on his hectic work schedule. It even allowed me to send my kids to field trips across the country and pay for their extracurricular activities. I’m still a full-time mom and I’m there during all their practices.”

– Julie C., Herbalife Nutrition distributor

“I had a clear goal: to be the Latina Herbalife Nutrition leader in my community and be the go-to source when it came to fitness and nutrition topics. Through public speaking and networking, I pursue my purpose to elevate the Latino community and spread awareness and interest in ways in which people can lead a healthier, more active life. When I speak in public, I always ask myself: how can I do more than talk? How can I inspire people to go out and be healthier and happier? I am committed to make a change and being the change in my community.”

– Delfina G., Herbalife Nutrition distributor in California

Carmen Mireles
Carmen encourages her staff and customers to exercise daily.

“I grew up seeing my mom help support our family through direct selling. But she did more than just sell products to her friends and neighbors—she was positively transforming her customers’ lives. This inspired me to focus my energies in building a business that could do the same for my community. At my nutrition club, I offer nutritious alternatives and a friendly workout space to people who may not be able to afford a gym membership or have the time to spend on wellness. Instead of going through a fast-food drive-through window for breakfast, they can have a healthy Formula 1 shake, a protein bar and pack in energy and essential nutrients in a convenient, delicious way.”

– Carmen M., Herbalife Nutrition distributor in California

These stories show not only how much hard work our distributors put into building their businesses, but how that effort pays off in incredibly meaningful ways, providing value to them and their customers through aspects that are truly important and cherished by each and every one of us: community support, personal empowerment, and stronger relationships.

*Income depicted is unique to the individual and is not typical. Achievements require skill & consistent work. For typical earnings, see Statement of Average Gross Compensation at herbalife.com/sagc
Ibi Montesino

Ibi MontesinoExecutive Vice President, Chief of Staff

As executive vice president and Chief of Staff, Ibi Montesino helps the company deliver on its purpose of helping people live their best lives. In her role as Chief of Staff, she oversees all global distributor facing business, including sales, marketing and distributor operation functions, as well as all aspects of employee management and relations. Furthermore, she is helping the company achieve gains in productivity and impact, and execute on strategic, operational, and cultural agendas.