Our global community is faced with uncertainty. Yet now, more than ever, I am inspired by the dedication of our distributors and employees who continue to deliver on our commitment to changing people’s lives by ensuring good nutrition is accessible.

I joined Herbalife Nutrition in 2016 because I believed then – and do so even more today – that we are in a unique position to truly change the world and make a lasting difference in the lives of millions of people seeking a healthier lifestyle, a sense of community, and a business opportunity.

A Calling with a Broader Impact

Medicine and healthcare is what I was surrounded by growing up. I love what the health sector entails: scientific rigor, kind-heartedness and building trusting relationships.

Working as a pediatrician was incredibly rewarding, but I could only serve as many children as I could see in a day. I wanted to have a broader impact and help more people, so I moved on to serve as a public health official, first for the State of Florida, and then at the federal level as Assistant Secretary of Health. My time as a public health official opened my eyes to the megatrends that are, unfortunately, so prevalent: overweight and obesity and the high cost of healthcare.

John Agwunobi Heart of Los Angeles

Following my public service, I had an opportunity to lead the health and wellness division at Walmart – the largest retailer in the world. Working with the largest consumer packaged goods companies and our own private label business, I gained an expertise in product, packaging and pricing, and a real understanding of their role in strategic business growth. At the time, more than 140 million people shopped at Walmart each week, many of whom visited our pharmacies, wellness clinics and optometry centers, so I observed firsthand the importance of a product that delivers its results. A product that delivers its promise. I learned the importance of recognizing what the customer wants and improving their experience.

A New Challenge and an Inspiring Future

In 2016, I joined Herbalife Nutrition as Chief Health and Nutrition Officer. I was excited by the idea of promoting good nutrition and the benefits of being active through a network of distributors who have one-on-one relationships with their customers. I believe the combination of high-quality nutrition products and the social support of our distributors is the best way to promote overall health. I also see the positive impact we’re making in people’s lives by offering an economic opportunity – to be able to build a business from the ground up and investing in your community. The combination of these forces is powerful. They change lives. They change the world.

My role in Herbalife Nutrition has been multi-faceted. I’ve had the honor to lead the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, while also working with the Company’s Ph.Ds. and scientists to integrate nutrition science into products. I have also worked intimately with independent distributors and customers, ensuring that we are continuously innovating in the areas of product development, technology, marketing, and product education.

John Agwunobi makes a shake

As the company celebrates 40 years of helping others, I am humbled by this opportunity to lead this amazing team of distributors and employees. The one-on-one relationship our distributors have with their customers is special. It’s about helping others succeed by achieving results. The dedication, talent and compassion of our employees, especially now during this crisis, continues to amaze me. They are working tirelessly to resolve issues, remove obstacles, and are delivering innovative solutions to help our distributors continue to serve their customers. Everything our more than 9,000 employees do is to help our distributors grow and prosper. I truly believe there is no better team than ours at Herbalife Nutrition.

Coming Together in this Time

I am also aware that I take on this new responsibility in the midst of a worldwide health emergency. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertainty and concern for people around the world, but as a global nutrition company providing food, health, and wellness products to millions of people in 95 countries around the world, we are in a unique position to help our communities during this time.

Our mission at Herbalife Nutrition is a simple one – to change people’s lives through high-quality nutrition and a business opportunity. Working together, with a shared set of values and priorities, we will build this company bigger, better, more impactful. And we’re just getting started.

John O. Agwunobi

John AgwunobiChairman and Chief Executive Officer

John Agwunobi is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company that serves customers in 95 countries. Mr. Agwunobi is a passionate proponent of Herbalife Nutrition’s mission to improve the nutrition habits of people worldwide, strengthening our communities and providing independent distributors a business opportunity to earn supplemental income.