I know now, out of experience, that it is possible to draw strength from nowhere and that a purpose-driven spirit is one of the strongest forces in nature.  Back in 2014, my health was in bad shape–I had no energy and felt frustrated and unenthusiastic. But one day I decided to regain control of my life.

I connected with Laura, an Herbalife Nutrition coach who since then has become a mentor. Laura spent time with me and took a sincere interest in my wellness goals; I was so happy with the results that I became a coach myself.

At first, I just wanted to help my family by being an example of positive change and inspiring them to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. I wanted them to experience the same kind of supportive community that helped me achieve my successful transformation. But just as we were about to start our journey together, my brother Marcus suddenly passed away from a pulmonary embolism.

So, there we were, facing the hardest circumstance we could have imagined as a family. We could have crumbled or dwelled in anguish, but we chose to be strong to honor Marcus’s memory. We used our grief as fuel to make a change, to strive to be healthier and more active, to take care of ourselves and appreciate life. We undertook the challenge with discipline and joy.

I designed wellness programs for my parents and myself using Herbalife Nutrition products, fitness routines and balanced diets. My mom lost 25 pounds* – she was so happy and proud! I decided to share her transformation on Facebook and the effect was immediate. People started to get in touch with me, asking how they could achieve similar results. It was inspiring to see how many people responded to her journey and were willing to challenge themselves in the same way.

I never saw myself as an entrepreneur, even though I had it in my veins – my father was an entrepreneur and my grandfather was one of the first African-Americans to own a McDonald’s franchise in Chicago. However, Herbalife Nutrition has given me the opportunity to build a business around what matters to me and help me fulfill my purpose: to transform lives physically, mentally, and spiritually through good nutrition.

Today, my family and I own a sound business that has brought our community together. We offer a 90-day transformation program broken down into three 30-day phases, and our Nutrition Club has a variety of fitness classes and wellness programs, and we even do live classes on the web! My daily routine includes weekly check-in calls with customers and my team, managing accountability groups on social media and working one-on-one with customers throughout their transformation journeys.

The most rewarding thing about my Herbalife Nutrition business, however, is how much closer my family and I have become through this experience. Owning a business together is no easy feat, but it allows each one of us to bring our strengths to the table and make it work the best way we can. We were so inspired to give back to the community that we created the Marcus Martin Foundation, where we provide college scholarships to graduating high school seniors and coordinate football camps for young boys and girls in our community to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle from an early age. A portion of our revenue from all our group workouts funds our foundation and these important local programs. People who didn’t have the chance to know Marcus now feel he is a part of their journey. We, the Martins, want to create a legacy of good deeds, health, and commitment.

So, if you want to become an entrepreneur and give meaning to your life through it, my advice is this: be very clear about your strengths and what you are passionate about. Wrap your business around what makes your day-to-day purposeful. Let go of fears and doubts, be open, be willing, work hard and often. There’s no reward like helping people transform from the inside out.