My entire professional career has been focused on sports. I love how sports can have such varied positive impacts: on physical and mental health, building a community, and also promoting values like teamwork and discipline.

My professional journey started when, fresh out of college, I got an internship to work with a professional baseball team based in Anaheim. I started in the community relations department and moved in sponsorships. It’s been 14 years since I joined Herbalife Nutrition as the very first employee dedicated to sports. In this role I’m responsible for managing and maximizing our sports alliances in North America, which include:

Jen and Dana with Cozmo
Jen Guran (right) and Dr. Dana Ryan (left) take a picture with LA Galaxy’s Cozmo.

I’ve never been bothered or felt intimidated by being a woman in a male-dominated industry. I work hard to make sure my work speaks louder than my gender. Driving innovation or doing something different than how it’s always been done before is something I’m proud of. For example, the idea of bringing our sponsored athletes and community projects together.

Purpose in Action

Our company is the official nutrition provider to more than 190 professional athletes, sports teams, and sporting events around the world. We are very proud to help athletes improve their performance and inspire communities to lead healthier lives, but we also take pride in bringing together athletes and communities through meaningful work with lasting impact.

And because giving back is such a pillar of our culture at Herbalife Nutrition, I have the great fortune to work hand-in-hand with our athletes to have a positive impact on the lives of children and at-risk populations.

Jen Guran

LA Galaxy Helping Communities

My team and I regularly organize trips with players to different Casas Herbalife Nutrition across the world, where LA Galaxy players get to play with kids in need, while also delivering the financial support we provide through the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation.

These experiences are eye opening for the athletes and inspiring for me. Seeing how children are filled with joy, excited and grateful to have access to good nutrition and someone caring for them is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

LA Galaxy at a Casa

In December 2019, we visited several Casa programs in Colombia. Professional soccer players are accustomed to greeting fans, but the minute you bring them into a Casa, they are just amazed and humbled by the opportunity of having such a positive impact on children.

We also recently engaged in a project that involved Herbalife Nutrition, the LA Galaxy, and the Garden School Foundation to share our nutrition expertise in local communities through the Seed to Table garden-based learning program. This project is very stimulating for me, because providing nutrition education at such an early age lays the basis for healthier young people.

Herbalife24 Triathlon Los Angeles

In 2019, I led the team that organized the Herbalife24 Triathlon Los Angeles. More than 2,000 participants – including elite triathletes like our own Heather Jackson – participated.

The day of the triathlon I felt very touched to see it all come together. Everyone worked so hard to make this event happen that seeing professional competitors, everyday athletes, and Herbalife Nutrition employees on this first-world class race was the best reward I could ask for.

Our relationship with our sponsored professional athletes and sports partners has really grown through the years. Through our work in communities, we go beyond sports nutrition and quality products; we’re making a difference and bringing positive impact to those in need.