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Herbalife Congratulates the 27 New NFL* Draft Picks Who Trained at Proactive Sports Performance

May 1, 2023 3:19pm EDT

LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Herbalife, a premier health and wellness company and community, and the exclusive nutrition partner of Proactive Sports Performance (Proactive) multisport training facility, congratulates the 27 athletes selected in the 2023 professional football draft, including nearly 25 percent of the first-round draft picks (8 out of 31 selections).

Herbalife Congratulates the 27 New NFL* Draft Picks Who Trained at Proactive Sports Performance

Ryan Capretta and his team of trainers at Proactive have been training athletes for the NFL* combine for over 15 years. The Proactive Sports Performance facility, fueled by Herbalife, provides a high tech, personalized experience for private clients, including access to physical conditioning, sports rehabilitation, personalized nutrition management and the Herbalife24 Performance testing lab– all under one roof.

“Being a professional athlete is not just about training to be the best, it involves an entire ecosystem of training, nutrition, recovery and mental preparation, and we address all of that here to ensure our clients elevate their performance so they can experience these big moments,” said Capretta, founder of Proactive Sports Performance. “Herbalife’s NSF-certified sports nutrition products give us the confidence that we fuel our clients in all the right ways, while allowing them to pass all sporting performance testing.”

The Herbalife24® sports product line offered at the facility is NSF Certified for Sport®**, which means the products are free from athletic banned substances. As the exclusive nutrition partner of Proactive for nearly 12 years, the Company’s sport nutrition products and dietary expertise are integrated with Capretta’s elite training program to provide a holistic and personalized conditioning experience for each athlete that walks in the door.

“What Ryan and his amazing team provide to these young athletes in terms of preparation and competitive culture is unmatched,” said Samantha Clayton, vice president of Sports Performance and Fitness at Herbalife. “Herbalife is so proud that our sports nutrition products and the Herbalife24 Performance Lab could play a part in giving these guys the edge they needed to reach this life-changing achievement.”

In addition to the dietary element of the program, Capretta and his team utilize data-driven workouts aided by the Herbalife24 Performance lab to help their clients consistently track improvement, set motivating performance benchmarks and evolve their skillset. 

“The testing lab evaluates the progress of our clients’ training and nutritional programs and features cutting-edge equipment to measure almost everything, from active weight distribution, carbon dioxide production, to biomechanics, as well as limb and muscle strength,” Capretta added.

To learn more about Herbalife’s products and sports sponsorships, visit www.IAmHerbalifeNutrition.com.

*Herbalife Nutrition is not affiliated with the NFL or any of the above-mentioned college or professional football teams.

** Certified for Sport® is a registered trademark of NSF International.

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