Not everyone is a people person. For some of us, it might be hard to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation, let alone ask them about a subject like weight loss. But for decades, a simple button was key to breaking the mold.

The Origin of a Button

“Lose weight now, ask me how” was the first phrase ever to be featured on a Herbalife Nutrition button. The message was simple, straightforward, and noticeable: it was an open invitation to approach anyone wearing it.

Our founder, Mark Hughes, was one of the first people to wear a Herbalife Nutrition button. He was a visionary businessman and knew that a little innovation would drive the growth of the company. He was not mistaken.

Throughout the years, our distributors have donned a range of buttons that feature different slogans, such as:

Herbalife Nutrition distributors

These buttons may seem ordinary, but are powerful tools if you think about it. They give people permission to ask difficult – sometimes sensitive – questions related to their health, nutrition, and personal goals.

They open doors and invite people to open up. So, when our distributors wear these buttons, it’s like saying, “I’m here to help you”.

Breaking the Ice with a Button

Even though the button originated almost 40 years ago, millennials around the world are embracing it and using it much like they do social media. The connection is clear: they both resonate with people through being an instrument to express yourself openly and invite strangers to engage with your content.

Power of a button through distributors

Imagine running at a park or going to a public event. You are going to come across so many faces, and that button lets people know that you’re open to having a conversation with them.

Not everyone is confident to walk up to strangers. Sometimes, we are shy to ask how others keep a healthy weight or manage to keep fit and look good. We don’t like to intrude or ask potentially awkward questions.

The button gives people that freedom, breaking the silence, and enables others to be more open and honest.

Chris Morris, Chief Innovation Officer and Sr. Vice President, Distributor Experience

Chris MorrisChief Innovation Officer and Sr. Vice President, Distributor Experience

Chris Morris is responsible for initiatives that support innovations across the company, which ultimately enhance distributor and customer services. Before joining the company, he spent five years at LSI, first as the director of the company’s IT program management office and later as director of global IT infrastructure and operations.