The longevity of any business depends on the quality of their products and services. That is why quality has been a priority for Herbalife Nutrition for more than 40 years.

High-quality products and manufacturing practices are fundamental to our leadership in the nutrition industry. From seeking and procuring the finest raw ingredients, to building state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, to implementing efficient and effective manufacturing programs that result in great-tasting, high-quality nutrition products: quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment to quality is a continuous journey and we have made significant strides in these efforts: not only is Herbalife Nutrition the #1 brand in the world in meal replacement and protein supplements combined*, but our products, manufacturing processes, and business model have also received numerous international awards attesting to the execution of our high-quality standards.

Here is a summary of our latest quality awards from around the world.

Product Quality Awards

We offer a full line of great-tasting nutrition products that can be customized to meet individual needs and help consumers achieve their unique wellness goals. These products include meal replacement protein shakes, bars, teas, aloes, vitamins, sports hydration, and outer nutrition products, all backed by science. I am proud to share the latest accolades our products have received from various regions:

Sports Nutrition Awards ­– Ireland

In 2019, Men’s Fitness Magazine’s Sports Nutrition Awards recognized several Herbalife24 products. These awards include:

Product of the Year – Spain

Tri-Blend Select, our first 100 percent vegan protein shake, was recognized as the Product of the Year 2020 in Spain in the food supplement category. This is the only global, consumer-voted award that involves rigorous concept and product testing – and is managed through external research partners Kantar and Nielsen to ensure its independence.

SOPENUT Certification – Peru

The Peruvian Nutrition Society (SOPENUT) is a civil association dedicated to research in food, nutrition, and health with the mission to promote a better quality of life. In 2020, SOPENUT granted Herbalife Nutrition to use their logo on our Formula 1 product, which means that SOPENUT officially validates that Formula 1 shakes have high nutritional value and are low in saturated fat and sodium and our manufacturing and distribution conditions are top-quality. Though this is not an award per se, it’s a valuable endorsement.

Manufacturing Awards

Our manufacturing processes are a crucial part of the creation of our products. We continuously aim to build them better and I’m pleased to say that throughout the years we have received numerous awards from multiple agencies and organizations around the world recognizing that our processes are at the highest level of quality standards. Here are some of them:

Visionary Leadership Award – USA

In 2016, Joseph Plunkett ­– who at the time was Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Operations and Engineering – received the Visionary Leadership Award from the Manufacturing Leadership Council for helping the company to develop, implement and manage a strategy of self-manufacturing.

As a result of investing more than $300 million since 2009, we now self-manufacture nearly 70 percent of all our nutrition products. We decided to bring manufacturing in-house to the greatest extent possible to allow us to ensure that our product quality is consistent. This is part of the infrastructure that makes it possible:

Supply Chain Digital Transformation Award

In 2017, the University of Southern California Marshall Center for Supply Chain Management recognized Herbalife Nutrition as an organization that leverages digital technology to disrupt and improve supply-chain performance. Our state-of-the-art systems, which contributed to this recognition, enable us to interface and collaborate in regions around the world.

We have implemented a Supply Chain Planning infrastructure that leverages a global systems platform to effectively manage the service of supply to more than 90 markets while optimizing our inventory investment.

To help facilitate our global shift in how we operate, we adopted a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to streamline our processes, communications, and operations. This has created a platform where collaborative systems and processes can thrive.

Enterprise Technology Leadership Award

In 2017, we were recognized with the Enterprise Technology Leadership Award by the Manufacturing Leadership Council for our Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition Project.

This project involves computer software that allows remote control and monitoring of industrial processes. It facilitates real-time feedback with field devices (sensors, for example), and automatically controls the process. It compiles all the information generated in the manufacturing process – supervision, quality control, production control, data storage­ – and allows for its management and intervention.

Quality Practices Awards

Golden Product for Public Health Award – Vietnam

In 2020, the Vietnam Association of Functional Food (VAFF) granted the Golden Product for Public Health Award to Herbalife Nutrition for the fifth time in a row.

The Ministry of Sciences and Technology authorizes VAFF to organize this award based on four key stringent evaluation criteria, comprising:

This award helps a create channel of reliable information, enabling consumers to have a proper understanding, sound operational activities, proper use of health products, functional foods, and personal care products.

Social Selling Award – Australia, New Zealand

Our direct selling business model is founded on a personal, authentic connection which we call the distributor difference. The Social Selling Award – supported by Direct Selling Australia and Complementary Medicines Australia – recognizes excellence demonstrated by an organization that provides quality supplements to consumers via the direct selling sales channel.

Herbalife Nutrition Australia/New Zealand has won this award four times in the last five years. It recognizes that quality is a comprehensive principle that permeates everything we do, taking into account key initiatives such as:

Why do we dedicate so much to quality? For the millions of people who trust our nutrition products to help them lead a healthier lifestyle and achieve results.

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; per Consumer Health 2022ed, meal replacement and protein supplements definitions; combined % RSP share GBO, 2021 data.”
Gary Swanson Herbalife

Gary SwansonMSc – Sr. Vice President of Global Quality Assurance and Control

Gary Swanson is senior vice president of Global Quality Assurance and Control. He is responsible for all corporate and regional quality assurance teams as well as the testing laboratories and quality operations at Herbalife Nutrition.

He has grown and diversified the Herbalife Nutrition Quality group to include Analytical Method Development, Audit Compliance, Process Validation, Metrology, QMS, Botanical Science and Plant Genomics. Swanson has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology from Laurentian University in Sudbury in Ontario and a Master of Science in Neurophysiology from the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario. He lives a healthy, active lifestyle by playing golf and enjoying his favorite Herbalife Nutrition products, Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix Mint Chocolate, MemoryArmor, and Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.