At Herbalife Nutrition, every single one of our products is held to the highest standard during each step of our Seed to Feed manufacturing process. From concept to feasibility and prototype to final formula, we monitor and influence our products to guarantee quality.

How We Come Up with New Products

The conceptualization of a product begins with our unique understanding of the marketplace and nutritional science. Using scientific discoveries and market trends found by our in-house field researchers, we manufacture the products consumers want and need.

Once our company identifies the demand, we employ the latest science in developing the initial stages of the product. This science involves our team of doctors, scientists, and nutritionists who share their knowledge and expertise and work with our vendors.

Afterward, our regulatory teams review the product formulas to ensure they’re free of any globally or regionally restricted material. Herbalife Nutrition only uses the finest ingredients from trusted sources.

How We Source Our Ingredients

From tea farms in China and aloe farms in Mexico to soybean farms in the U.S., Herbalife Nutrition uses the finest ingredients from around the world to develop outstanding products.

Each ingredient must meet strict specifications. In fact, potential ingredient providers must go through a rigorous screening process that could take up to a year and a half. And once a reliable source is found, the ingredient goes through an in-house analysis to make sure it meets our high standards.

Where We Manufacture Our Products

Herbalife Nutrition has an initiative to bring the production of its core products in-house. This approach, known as Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing, enhances quality control and the ability to increase the production of our signature goods, as well as some specialty products.

Currently, we have five manufacturing facilities, along with two trusted contract manufacturers. Combined, the manufacturing centers span four continents and empower us to meet worldwide demand. Our contract manufacturers go through strict quality assurance practices to ensure each product meets our rigorous standards.

Our first Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing facility (or H.I.M.) was built in Suzhou, China, to produce teas, shakes, tablets, and capsules. In 2009, another H.I.M. was established in Lake Forest, California.

A third H.I.M. facility opened in Shangsha, China, in 2012. There, we extract key botanical ingredients such as herbal extracts like orange pekoe tea and green tea concentrates.

At over 46,000 square meters (roughly the size of 6-and-a-half American football fields), the Winston-Salem H.I.M. is set to become the highest output in-house manufacturing plant where core products such as Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Herbal Tea Concentrates, Personalized Protein Powder, and liquid aloe concentrates will be manufactured.

The Winston-Salem H.I.M. also includes a Quality Control Center of Excellence Lab where physical, chemical, and microbiological testing takes place.

Even after our products are made, labeled, and packed, Herbalife Nutrition continues to monitor the environment in which said goods are stored. Temperatures are carefully monitored once the products are shipped. And each carefully selected and rigorously approved ingredient is listed on every single product.

Product Accessibility and Customer Service

Herbalife Nutrition has a robust supply chain of 700 product access point locations spanning over ninety countries and territories, bringing consumers great quality products.

Even after products are delivered to customers, we employ industry-leading approaches to track any possible product complaints and incidents. Providing customer care, we listen to what people have to say about our products. This data enables us to satisfy customers and be aware of any potential areas for improvement.

Our independent distributors educate and motivate consumers around the world to help them reach their goals through good nutrition and quality products. That’s why our customers have confidence that our products are held to the highest standard.

Gary Swanson Herbalife

Gary SwansonMSc – Sr. Vice President of Global Quality Assurance and Control

Gary Swanson is senior vice president of Global Quality Assurance and Control. He is responsible for all corporate and regional quality assurance teams as well as the testing laboratories and quality operations at Herbalife Nutrition.

He has grown and diversified the Herbalife Nutrition Quality group to include Analytical Method Development, Audit Compliance, Process Validation, Metrology, QMS, Botanical Science and Plant Genomics. Swanson has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology from Laurentian University in Sudbury in Ontario and a Master of Science in Neurophysiology from the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario. He lives a healthy, active lifestyle by playing golf and enjoying his favorite Herbalife Nutrition products, Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix Mint Chocolate, MemoryArmor, and Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.