Meet Glennis: An Elite Runner Pursuing Her Dreams and Helping Her Community

Meet Glennis, an elite runner looking to make her childhood dream come true. Herbalife Nutrition gives her the opportunity to earn extra income and get the nutrition she needs to fuel her running career.

Glennis has been an Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor for 6 years. She joined Herbalife Nutrition looking for extra income to help offset her bills. Herbalife Nutrition has been part of her training as she prepares and looks to compete at the highest level as an elite runner. The extra income she earns allows her to have a flexible schedule for training and pay for coaching.

“Herbalife exceeds my expectations, actually. I never met a company that actually cares more about you and what you’re doing and helping you reach your goals outside of Herbalife, as well as inside of Herbalife. I think what they stand for, what the company stands for, the mission statement, just helping build a healthier community, is so amazing. Like, you can’t find that anywhere else.” – Glennis

Atypical achievements shown came from hard work, skill and dedication. Most people work part-time and typically earn $175 in a month in their 1st year, before expenses. For more, see

Ibi MontesinoSr. Vice President and Managing Director, North America

Ibi Montesino is responsible for all business, strategic, sales and marketing functions across the North America region, which includes the U.S., Canada, Jamaica, and the Caribbean. She has been featured in the prestigious annual list of the “Nation’s 100 Most Influential Hispanics” in the U.S. by Poder Hispanic magazine.