We all know that a healthy, active lifestyle benefits our overall personal wellbeing, but it also benefits many areas of our lives, including how we spend time with our family.

William’s busy schedule and unhealthy habits often drained him, to the point where he didn’t have the energy to go out and play basketball with his son.

His sister, an Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor, helped him get started on nutrition and fitness plan developed by our company experts. Through careful guidance and sharing helpful materials, like meal plans and tips on fitness, William regained his confidence and the energy to play sports again.

Ibi MontesinoExecutive Vice President, Distributor and Customer Experience and Chief of Staff

As executive vice president of distributor and customer experience, Ibi Montesino helps the Company deliver on its purpose to nourish the potential in everyone for a healthier future. She oversees functions that develop and deliver tools and programs that support independent distributors and their customers. Her responsibilities also include serving as chief of staff, coordinating the work of the Company’s executive committee and interaction with the Board of Directors.