Meet Rosy. She’s an independent Herbalife Nutrition small business owner who has inspired her family and community to thrive.

Rosy is the heart and soul of her family. She’s a wife and mother of two children. Her dedication to those around her is an inspiration to her family and community.

Rosy first used Herbalife Nutrition products as a customer to lose weight. She was happy with her progress and enjoyed the products she was using. She felt motivated to share her journey with others and she wanted all her neighbors to hear her story. She would get up every morning and sweep the streets in front of her house and talk to her neighbors about Herbalife Nutrition and the importance of good nutrition.

Rosy’s family was inspired by the impact Rosy had in their community, helping others to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. Rosy and Fernando have been independent Herbalife Nutrition business owners for nearly 34 years. Their son Juan Fernando and daughter Alma also decided to take advantage of the business opportunity and, together as a family, they have worked hard to grow a successful business that includes more than 50 Nutrition Clubs within their organization.*

Family remains at the core of what they do. Together they serve their community and help others have access to better nutrition.

* Atypical achievements shown came from hard work, skill and dedication. Most people work part-time and typically earn $190 in a month in their 1st year, before expenses. For more, see


Jesus AlvarezSr. Vice President, Managing Director, Mexico

Jesus Alvarez is senior vice president and managing director for Mexico with responsibility for all business, strategic, sales and marketing functions across the region.